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10 Stunning Wedding Nails You Can Try – Nail Arts For Your Big Day!

Any bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day! Of course, the wedding dress is the most important thing for every woman and you will choose the one which suits you best! But you should also pay attention to other details like hairstyle, makeup and nails to obtain a complete perfect look. Nail designs are now so manifold that it may be difficult to choose one of them for your most important day. Here you may find a collection of 10 amazing wedding nail designs for 2017 which may inspire you if you are going to be a bride soon!

This year, you can change the traditional white color and pick some other colors like rose quartz, gold and silver. A nice nail design can give you a more glamorous wedding look and beautify your hands. But if you prefer a classic style, French manicure is still in trends!

1. Glitter Pink Wedding Nails is elegant and glamorous at the same time.
Glitter Pink Wedding Nails

  1. Embellished Wedding Nails combine classic white nails with some new trends.
    Embellished Wedding Nails
  2. Perfect Wedding Nails will make you shine all night long!
    Perfect Wedding Nails
  3. Nude Wedding Nails for those who prefer to stick to classic style.
    Nude Wedding Nails
  4. Lovely Pink Wedding Nails if pink is your favorite color!
    Lovely Pink Wedding Nails
  5. Rose Quartz Wedding Nails for a combination of smart and stylish nails.
    Rose Quartz Wedding Nails
  6. Simple Wedding Nails with a little bit of spark.
    Simple Wedding Nails
  7. French Tips Wedding Nails with glamorous tendencies.
    French Tips Wedding Nails
  8. Glitter Wedding Nail Design will make everybody admire your nail design.
    Glitter Wedding Nail Design
  9. Rose Quartz Wedding Nail Design will surely complete your festive look!
    Rose Quartz Wedding Nail Design

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