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10 Adorable Pictures Of Mother Cats And Their Kittens

After being born, kittens are totally dependent on their mother for survival. They do not open their eyes until after seven to ten days, but after about two weeks kittens quickly develop and begin to explore the world. They become very social and enjoy human companionship. That’s when our kitties really shine, they become loving and they are absolutely adorable. Mother cats are very careful and it is a pleasure to admire them taking care about the little ones. These adorable pictures of mother cats and their kittens will melt your heart!

  1. These kittens surely know that they are superstars!
    mama 4
  2. These little ones really resemble their mother!
    mama 8
  3. That’s real love for sure!
    adorable mama and baby
  4. This mother cat knows how to keep the family together!
    mama 10
  5. A big, happy family!
    mama 12
  6. Just look into their eyes!
    mama 13
  7. I love you honey and our kids are adorable!
    papa 2
  8. Let’s take a nap together!
    papa 3
  9. They are so cute when they sleep!
    papa 4
  10. It’s tiring to be a parent, sometimes!
    family cuddle

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