This Ancient Tibetan Test Will Reveal Your True Nature

This Tibetan quiz will reveal your subconscious thoughts and your truest version of yourself. Try it and you will discover things you never knew about yourself. It is important to answer each of the questions below, as your intuition dictates you. Don’t try to find some logical responses.

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New Research Proves Cats Are Holistic Healers

Cats are cute and funny and very friendly companions. But did you know that having a cat brings a lot of health benefits? Research proved that owning a cat can actually reduce your risk of having a heart attack. You will probably want to buy one cat after you read …

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The Stuff That Costs More When You’re Poor

It’s hard to save money when your income hardly covers your strict daily expenses. It is very difficult for poor people to fight their way to financial security. Here are a few expenses that actually cost more for low-income individuals. When you know what those obstacles are in the first …

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This Map Shows the Ultimate U.S. Road Trip

Tracy Staedter at Discovery News created the concept of a road trip map in U.S. Together with Randy Olson—Michigan State University doctoral student and the man behind the famed Where’s Waldo algorithm, Tracy Staedter realized something that you might call the platonic ideal of the United States road trip. The scope …

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